X4DB data quality framework
"Nearly 80 percent of British companies say that their legacy tech systems are hampering IT/business alignment and possibly damaging business executives' impression of IT."

Data Quality Framework

Databases increase exponentially on an annual basis. As companies grow, merge, acquire or otherwise change, the amount of data increases. Increased data volume will result in increased errors. The effect is compounded by different forms and sources of data. No longer is data entry the primary means by which data enters an organization. Numerous electronic interfaces link an organization with its customers, partners, suppliers and vendors. All these are potential sources of error.

IT Dimensions offers a comprehensive data quality service. We address a myriad of issues that can impede your organization's ability to run efficiently and divert necessary resources from completing critical tasks. We assist our customers in standardizing data across their information systems, mergers and acquisitions and legacy system take down and new system integration.

We utilize sophisticated methodologies and tools to remove inconsistencies and standardize data across multiple systems and databases. X4DB is a robust data cleaning and presentation toolset that is extremely fast. It is optimized for performance and flexibility to bring un-paralleled accuracy while handling huge amounts of data.

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Data Quality