X4DB data quality framework
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Data Quality Framework

What Is X4DB:
X4DB is a data quality framework for volume Data Quality services. The X4DB consists of:

Data Adapters

Connectors with ability to connect to any data source: SAP, AS/400, OS/390, Oracle, DB2/UDB, Sybase, MSSQL Server, Sybase, XML, HTML, DB3-5,MS-Access, MS-Excel flat files, raw files and others

Data Quality Algorithms

Data matching, data classifying, data cleaning, AI DQ modules, SIC/NAIC classifiers, etc.

Data Quality References

Reference names, abbreviations, nick-names, multilingual dictionaries, SIC, NAIC, and other industry standard reference data

Data Quality Presentation Engine

Provides online reporting with built-in visibility rules. Reports are customizable for each department.

What Does It Do

X4DB exports data from virtually any data source and performs various data quality processes: profiling, cleansing, parsing, classification, synchronization, matching and delta processes. X4DB also serves to present results to end-users in various reporting modules such as exception, reconciliation or drill-down reporting modules. For collaboration efforts there are tracking and audit modules.

How Does It Work

X4DB is component based and fully customizable either via database or any other configuration such as XML, XLS or simple text configuration files.
Data quality process is assembled by selecting various framework components and connecting them in a way that tailors the business rules.
Data adapters are selected to connect to current data infrastructure.
Default rule set is altered and new rules are created to meet changing data business rules. The new rules and process configurations are saved for future requests.
Result reports are then presented to the end-user/manager via a simple but powerful web-based reporting or tracking module for approval process.
After the approval process the data is imported back into the source database via a special delta processor.
For further customization and accuracy, power users can add/alter rules and other data quality parameters based on further analysis and iterations.

Benefits Of X4DB

The frameworks' flexibility allows for unique component (processor) linking that vastly improves accuracy and performance
AI utilization enhances the rules for individual business nuances
Built-in security
Built-in visibility for tracking and reporting purposes
Open architecture and component design provide great degree of customization

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